Vlada Levit

Feeling understood by an unbiased professional trained to guide you towards the healthiest
version of yourself is liberating. We consciously and subconsciously construct our own reality
and oftentimes perceived negative circumstances subsequently cause us to view the world
negatively. Vlada Levit would like to help you overcome personal obstacles to access your inner
strength, in order to see the world and yourself in a positive way. Acknowledging you are at a
place where you need support is challenging. She hopes that with her guidance, you may reach a
comfortable place to address and overcome your emotional and mental health concerns.

Vlada has a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and an eclectic background including
working as a Research Coordinator at NYU Langone Medical Center. She enjoys painting,
outdoor activities, photography, and has a humble online jewelry business. The combination of
her research and psychology background along with her intrinsic caring approach creates an
optimal environment for client growth.

Vlada offers long-term therapy for individuals of various ages and cultures. Her counseling
technique is a combination of Client Centered and Psychodynamic approaches, with coaching and
holistic techniques sprinkled sporadically. She was born in Ukraine and is bilingual in English
and Russian. Her incurable travel bug allows assists her to being adherent to various cultural
issues. Allow her to guide you on your own journey to self-improvement!