Shelby Jackowitz

Shelby is destined to distinguish herself not only as an exceptional practitioner but also as a deeply concerned and caring clinician who will make a wonderful contribution to the field of psychiatry and therapy.

In addition to strong academic credentials and relevant coursework, Shelby has considerable experience in advocacy for her patients and psychoanalytical counseling. She demonstrates a commitment to learning which has resulted in a significant increase in skill level in the areas of assessment, individual counseling, treatment and the implementation of various interventions tailored to each individual’s needs and treatment.

As Shelby has had experience in both individual and group therapy she has developed a growing motive to express empathy and support with persons she works with. She has an ardent desire to work with individuals who are at risk and her interest in substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment modalities reflects her commitment to the field and her readiness to engage in serious mental health and chemical dependency issues.

To schedule an appointment with Shelby, contact us at (646) 661-3840 or send us a message!