David Bolster

David Bosler

As a Kansas City native who has lived in New York for decades, David integrates big-city savviness with Midwestern warmth. Before pursuing mental health work, he worked as a journalist and a musician.

David identifies with both the outsiders and underdogs as well as those more competent and successful as most of us are usually some mix of the two. He sees how achievements with relationships, family and/or career do not always translate to internal fulfillment. David has a keen understanding of the challenges of balancing career, marriage/relationship and parenting.

David knows most men lack the familial and social upbringing needed to understand, express, and process their feelings. Most are raised in a culture bound to a false masculinity where measurements of manhood are primarily based on external markers— competitiveness, physical prowess, athletic accomplishments, sexual conquests, financial successes—and nearly devoid of inner reflection. Expressing feelings does not mean being weak or selfish as most men are taught, but instead leads to authentic inner strength, better relationships, and more fulfilling careers.

Therapeutic Approach

Therapy helps change our perspective on personal problems, however entrenched they may feel. By shifting our viewpoint on issues that have us feeli stuck, an experienced yet impartial therapist helps us begin to alter ourselves and alleviate the problem. Feeling truly understood in therapy, as we rarely do in the world, can help facilitate this new perspective and the relief it provides.

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• Adolescents & Families
• Substance Use & Abuse
• Technology Addiction (Cell Phone, Internet, Social Media,
• Life Transitions
• Anxiety & Depression
• Relationship Problems
• Musicians, Artists
• Men/Male Challenges/Masculinity

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